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Marine Artisan Program

Great coverage designed for Marine craftsman who do not work from a fixed location. This includes those who work in various fields including Carpentry and Woodworking, Cleaning and Detailing, Engine and Fiberglass Repairs, Shrink Wrapping, Painting and more. This program combines Ship Repairers and General Liabilities with Baille coverage with optional protection for tools and equipment, transit, pollution, and other concerns facing most artisans.

Commercial Marine Packages

This coverage is specifically designed for a wide range of commercial marine operations requiring a package product. Businesses that fit this program include Boat Builders, Commercial Vessel Owners, Landing Owners, Marine Contractors, Ship Repairers, Stevedores, Terminal Operators, and Wharfingers. This is full ranging and includes Products and Contractual Liability along with coverage for real and personal property such as Business Income, Unexpected Expenses and Equipment Breakdown. There is boat-loads more to this insurance.

Commercial Watercraft Insurance

Customized coverage for owners and operators of various commercial vessels, including fishing, tug and barge, marine transportation, excursion and more. This includes Commercial Hull Protection, Indemnity from Loss of Life and Third-Party Property Damage, as well as Crew Coverage. Excess Limits and Pollution Liability is also available. Protect your business, your property, and the passengers you serve for peace of mind.

Marine Operators, Boat Dealers and Yacht Club Package

Does your business require liability coverage for a vessel under its care, custody or control? If so, then this is the best option we’ve prepared to meet your insurance needs. We protect Marina Operators, Boat Dealers’ Inventory, Owned Watercraft, and Marine General Liability. This coverage includes Piers, Wharves and Docks, Buildings, Business Income, and Extra Expense. So whether you’re operating a restaurant on the water, a rental facility or are a member of a home owner’s association with mooring, Mott Agency has you covered!

Ocean Cargo

This coverage uniquely considers those who conduct overseas shipments aboard vessels or aircraft and includes inland transit when part of the through movement. This is the most effective protection for Importers, Exporters Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Freight Forwarders and Customer House Brokers. Goods and merchandise is generally covered during the ordinary course of international transit. And policies can be amended in a variety of ways for whatever cargo is being transported.

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